International Conference on Men's Issues 2019

August 16, 17, 18th 2019, O'Hare International Airport, Chicago

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ROIL’s goal is to provide content creators flexibility to host their creations at whatever website they prefer. Users subscribe to their favorite websites or content creators, and can then view articles, videos, and podcasts through a single ROIL feed.

Users no longer need to navigate to multiple website, and creators are no longer feel pressure to post their works at the few major sites with the most user traffic. This allows creators to control the monetization of their own content, as well as freeing them from unpredictable moderation they may experience when they are wedded to a single host. For creators, ROIL provides an opportunity to display content wherever they choose because ROIL brings that content to their audience, regardless of where it is hosted. Creators may still choose to post on big hosting sites, but, if they decide to change, ROIL gives them the ability to take their subscribers with them by automatically redirecting users to the new hosting location. ROIL is committed to strengthening the link between creators and their fans, and does not interfere with the economic relationship between them. ROIL is supported through clearly marked advertisements interleaved in user feeds, leaving the creators’ monetization model unaffected, whether that be based in patronage, advertisement, subscription, etc.

ROIL will be available to users as both a mobile application, and a website, and will be launched to the public sometime in 2019. “Let’s get ready to ROIL.”