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Guardian Triggered by ICMI 2019, Philip Davies to Attend

It’s been an exciting day here in ICMI 2019 land! We’ve got our first smear piece and this time the Guardian’s been more proactive. They didn’t wait till two months after the ICMI was over to go after Philip Davies for his attendance like they did in 2016 when they tried to get Davies fired for presenting!

Labour MEP Wes Streeting calls the ICMI a “gathering of insecure and sexist man-babies” (I guess myself, Alison, along with Karen, Hannah and the other female participants are men now! I thought misgendering people was a crime, Streeting?) Streeting also warns that the ICMI includes “speakers with extremist views.”

Streeting goes on to say “Philip Davies should not be lending what little credibility he has on gender equality issues to such an event and that it’s time more men in parliament called out sexism and misogyny directed at women.” Little credibility? Interesting it took Davies announced attendance at the ICMI for a Labour MEP to grudgingly allow Davies any credibility.

Davies quite rightly points out that speaking at a conference does not mean condoning the views of everyone in attendance or every presenter presenting.

Of course the Guardian isn’t honestly reporting on the views of any speakers at ICMI. It alleges Janice Fiamengo—of Fiamengo Files fame—supports “white nationalist extremists” but offers no evidence except to say that she “backed the conspiracy theory that the Notre Dame fire” might have been the work of Islamist attackers. Even if it turns out to be false, is it that outlandish to suspect Islamist extremists, who have been responsible for multiple Church fires in France leading up to the fire at Notre Dam?

Also cited as “extremist” is Mike Buchanan’s statement that men have “no worth as human beings except in how they support women and children.” The prime example of this is the Guardian’s own reporting. Do a search on “Guardian women” and you will get numerous articles highlighting women’s issues and how they are victims. Do a search on “Guardian men” and you get this very Guardian article condemning a conference on men’s issues as a first page result.

Finally the Guardian takes a jab at Paul Elam, founder of A Voice for Men. It cites as evidence of Elam’s “virulent misogyny” and “male supremacy” a satirical article he wrote ten years ago in which he defended domestic abuse victims fighting back and condemned feminists cheering on violent abusers. The Guardian then goes on to support the opinions of actual racists and sexists, the Southern Poverty Law Center. An organization currently embroiled in scandal over its racist caste system and multiple allegations of sexual harassment levelled against its co-founder Morris Dee. Perhaps the Guardian’s real problem with ICMI 2019 is that it’s chaired by a woman and it has a woman and a black man as headliners.

At the end of the article one has to ask, did the author of Guardian wander into a house of mirrors and then report on all the spooky racists and sexists he saw himself surrounded by?

Tune in to listen to the badger team tear this Guardian article apart!