International Conference on Men's Issues 2019

August 16, 17, 18th 2019, O'Hare International Airport, Chicago

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Volunteer positions

We need volunteers to make this conference a roaring success!

Volunteer positions may be updated as we get closer to the convention! If any of these are of interest to you, please send an email detailing your position of choice and your relevant experience to:

[email protected]

Registration Manager

This position will need to know the layout of the event and the location of important services: ie. Registration, food services, bathroom, conference store. You’ll need to be able to read spread sheets and keep track of documents, to be personable and helpful. You will be situated at the registration table.


Assist with the set up of the registration area, manage registration volunteers. Ensure event signage is in place. Meet and greet approximately 250 delegates and speakers, and assisting with questions and directions. Ensure registration volunteers are updating delegate lists to indicate who is in attendance. Ensure delegate give aways and event guides are handed out. Manage and hand out speaker itineraries. Police entry into the venue by checking badges and bracelets. Direct delegates to where they can upgrade tickets. Answer general inquiries.


Need to know the layout of the event and the location of important services: ie. Registration, food services, bathroom, conference store. Need to be able to lift and move chairs and suitcases. Need to be personable and helpful. Will be situated at the doors to the events.


Greet delegates on entrance to the venue. Help delegates with any coats and baggage. Check badges and bracelets and provide guidance to the events they’ve signed up for. Help delegates locate exits, bathrooms, places to find food and drink. Answer questions. Seat delegates in an orderly fashion. Help manage disorderly delegates. Distribute programs and event schedules. Ensure everyone adheres to safety rules. Locate individuals when required. Hold doors open for delegates, provide assistance for delegates with special needs. Handle complaints or suggestions. Clean event rooms and place debris in appropriate receptacles. Remove or add chairs to event rooms as needed. Pick up unclaimed items at the end of day and bring them to registration.

Security Manager

Needs to be calm, patient and firm. Needs to know the layout of the event and locations of important services: registration, food services, bathroom, etc. Previous security experience a bonus.


Knows and enforces the rules of the venue. Deescalates conflicts, conflict resolution skills a must. Secures premises and personnel by patrolling property; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry. Obtains help by sounding alarms. Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators. Receives and resolves complaints between delegates, brings the conflict to the attention of convention committee members where appropriate.

Guest Liaison

Needs to be energetic, personable and not inclined to becoming star-struck. Has to be up to date on the Convention schedule and the guest of honour’s itinerary. Car required.


Point of contact for guests of honour. Assist guests of honour with arriving at their assigned activities on time. Attend to guest of honour’s needs, including transport.

Video volunteers

Have experience with camera operation. Be prepared to firmly direct people out of the line of sight of the camera.


Monitor camera & adjust focus & zoom as needed for best results. Attract/get attention of Head of A/V’s attention in case of issues. Guard against public infringement issues, walking across shot, kicking tripod or general visual mess like bags or outstretched feet in shot.

Familiar with:

DSLR camera. Preferably Panasonic Lumix GH4R (but not essential.) Using DSLR in fully manual mode & manual focus. Using ‘peaking’ & ‘histograms.’ Bring own headphones with 3.5mm stereo jack

Bonus if you have experience with:

Atomos Ninja 2 & hot swap caddy, Video filming experience, Used a ZHIYUN CRANE 2 & follow focus. Digital audio recording equipment.

Party Maven

Needs to be energetic, friendly and organized. Will be responsible for helping delegates make arrangements for room parties, announcing them and ensuring that room parties do not inconvenience the hotel or other guests.


Coordinates room parties so that they do not inconvenience other guests. Photographs party rooms before event takes place to substantiate or refute damage claims. Arranges for hotel to remove furniture, if necessary and with permission of the convention chair. Fetches party supplies. Coordinates with the registration desk to announce parties.

Shop Manager

Needs to be friendly, organized and have experience handling money. Need to be able to arrange stock, keep track of inventory and cash out. Need to be able to assist Author Guests during their book signings.


Responsible for selling show merchandise and ticket upgrades. Responsible for cleaning the shop area and arranging merchandise in an attractive way. Responsible for arranging book signing times and assisting Author Guests during their signings. Will always have a pen available.

Flier Slinger

Needs to have access to a printer, tape, and be willing to do some legwork. Be even tempered, calm and non-violent in case of confrontations with hostile parties.


Put up fliers one month before event. Height is an asset (SJWs are short.) Lots of packing tape.

Dogs Body

Needs to be eager to help out. If you have skills in any of these areas, you can assist the managers or maven. Needs to know the conference schedule and layout and the location of important services.


Ready to fetch stuff, assist delegates and fill gaps!